Sleep Ez Mattress Reviews

Sleep Ez Mattress

Sleep EZ has been a popular latex mattress maker for decades, specializing in mattresses that use 100% pure latex and range from organic to all-natural. Having been in family-business since 1976, one of Sleep EZ’s selling points is having the experience to make ‘safe mattresses for the family.’ They have a variety of products in competitive price points with interesting differentiators like: flippable and dual-sided mattresses.

Sleep Ez’s Specifics

Sleep EZ has some big differentiators versus competitors. The first is that they have been in business longer than many other latex mattress companies, which is a big win when it comes to experience. Additionally, they manufacture the mattresses themselves, enabling them to pass on more value to customers. Lastly, they offer multiple features and mattress types to choose from, which is better than those that only provide one mattress option.

Quality of Materials

Sleep EZ focuses on providing excellent materials and has GOLS, OEKO-TEX, and GOTS certifications for the foams that they use. They have also invested in using foams that do not negatively impact the rainforest. Their prices reflect attention to high quality foam and are higher than many other online competitors.

Mattress Types

Sleep EZ provides 4 popular mattresses for adults. They also have a variety of RV mattresses, crib mattresses, dog mattresses, a latex sofa bed, and a giant ultra-king sized all-latex mattress. We’ll go through their adult mattresses in depth below talking about the ins and outs of the features to help you figure out which one is right for you or your family. Here

1 Sleep Ez Mattress Reviews

Sleep Ez Mattress Reviews


Organic Latex Mattress

The Sleep EZ Organic Mattress uses 100% organic latex, 100% organic cotton and eco-conscious wool. Additionally, you can adjust the firmness of the mattress at home by reconfiguring the layers. One note: latex is heavy so if you have mobility problems, you may need help. That said, this feature is a big winner for those that are concerned about sleeping too firm. With the mattress being all-latex, this will be very responsive and bouncy. The feel is not for everyone, but for those that love latex, this mattress is very well done.

The pros: High quality latex mattress with all-organic materials and firmness customization.

The cons: The price may be higher than other competitors.

Price Range: $950-$1900

Natural Latex Mattress

The Sleep EZ Natural Latex Mattress has many of the same exciting features as the organic version. The main difference is that it doesn’t use organic latex or organic cotton. The mattress comes with all natural latex and cotton / wool blend exterior. Like the organic version, you can opt to reconfigure your firmness layers at home, which can provide a dual-sided firmness for partners that don’t agree. Customers, overall, love their Natural Latex Mattress and have good things to say about customer service.

The pros: All natural latex mattress with customization features customers love.

The cons: Customers who don’t love the feel of latex may not do well with these mattresses.

Price Range: $850-$1790

Roma Latex Mattress

The Roma Latex mattress is a more affordable latex mattress option, but it is not completely all-natural. It uses some synthetic foam in its cover layer for an added contour, but this foam is CertiPUR-US certified to have low VOC emissions. The mattress is flippable with a medium and a firm side, which will fit most sleepers. If you want a soft mattress, this is not for you. Overall, customers like what this mattress has to offer for the price.

The pros: A lower priced latex-focused mattress with a flipable firmness.

The cons: Not 100% latex or without toxicity, which is a big selling point for latex mattresses.

Price Range: $495-$1295

Hybrid Mattress

The Hybrid Mattress is the lowest priced popular mattress offering by SleepEZ. This mattress offers an affordable way to be introduced to a latex feel and have the benefits of pocketed coils. It comes with 3” of latex on the top layer, 8” pocketed coils beneath, and then 2” of latex beneath the coils for a flippable experience. It offers a firmer feel on one side and a more plush version on the flip side. Most customers like this mattress, but not as much as the all-latex varieties.

The pros: Low priced for a decent amount of latex foam.

The cons: Their all-latex versions are better loved overall.

Price Range: $395-$825

Sleep EZ mattresses are ideal for those that are looking for high quality latex mattresses at high value for the materials used.

1 Sleep Ez Mattress Reviews

Sleep Ez Mattress Reviews

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